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Gyu-Kaku (34 Cooper Square, NY)

First of all, they have HAPPY HOUR every day during lunch time. Almost all items are half the original price (including all alcohol drinks!).


This is the picture of our first time there. We ordered three plates of meat and one fried rice (bibimbap) and two drinks. Our favorite is the Yaki-Shabu. 


This is the only fish dish they have, I believe. Although this isn’t the most glorious picture, everyone said it was really good after thoroughly cooked.image

Cooking the fish and the basil chicken!


Violet being a good blogger and taking pics of the green tea crepe cake from different angles =P 


BEHOLD! THE GREEN TEA CREPE CAKE! So amazingly rich in tea flavor yet creamy and sweet at the same time. MUST ORDER. We’ve tried the other tempting dessert option, e.g. green tea creme brulee (way too bitter) and this other pancake thing that was beyond mediocre. SO GET THIS!

Things not to be missed at Gyu-Kaku (in our opinion):

Yaki Shabu meat, sukiyaki bibimbap, green tea crepe cake. Oh and their ponzu sauce that is provided at the table is just too amazing to describe.

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